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1.Can I use VoIP Services on my Lycamobile?

No, the Service is not available on the Lycamobile Network

2.My internet has stopped working. What should I do?

Please ensure that you have enough data allowance or sufficient balance available on your phone. You can always find out the exact allowance on your Lycamobile account by dialling *131#. If the problem persists, please contact our friendly Customer Services team on 100 from your Lycamobile or +256726100100 from another phone.

3.Why do I get messages for GPRS settings?

Every time you change your handset or reset your phone you will get the automated settings messages, however once you save or install the settings the messages will stop.



4.Why am I unable to access the internet even though I have a data bundle active?

Please ensure that mobile data and data roaming is on and also check the manual settings by visiting our website.

5.Will I be able to use the internet on my BlackBerry or dongle?

No, at the moment we do not support internet on BlackBerry or dongles.

6.Will I be able to access data in 4G?

Yes, depending on your handset and area, you will be able to access data.


7.Do I have to manually input settings on my handset to access the internet?

Depending on your handset model, the settings will vary. For most phones you will automatically receive the settings which you will have to save for the internet to work. You can manually choose the settings for your specific handset model by visiting our Mobile Web Settings page. Alternatively, you can contact Customer Services on 100 from your Lycamobile or +256726100100 from another phone.

8.Can I get the settings in my email so I can do it myself?

No the Service will be set automatically on your phone.

9.Is a username and password mandatory?

No, you can ignore that option.

10.My phone is asking for a PIN number while saving the settings. What is my PIN number?

This PIN number will be sent as a text message when you receive internet settings.


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