Amazing 5 new features that WhatsApp messaging app is about to unleash

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September 23, 2020
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October 9, 2020

WhatsApp has reportedly been working on a lot of new features lately. Almost every day there are reports of some or the other new feature that appears in the beta updates. Out of all the features that we have heard of, some of the most important features are the multi-device support, expiring media, vacation mode, customizable wallpapers, and more. All the above-mentioned features have appeared on the beta updates and are still under-development.

So here are some of the features that could come to WhatsApp sooner than expected:

Multi-device support

This is of the highly anticipated feature as WhatsApp seems to be working on it for the longest time now. But as per the latest report by WhatsApp features tracker, Wabetainfo, the feature has reached the final stage of testing and it could soon be available for beta testers. The feature lets users log in to four devices at a time without creating multiple accounts. This means that you can use WhatsApp in your iPhone and iPad at the same time without making different accounts

Expiring Media

WhatsApp is also developing a new feature called Expiring Media. The featured had appeared in the latest Android beta update. The new would delete media files such as images, videos, and GIFs sent to the recipient’s when the recipient leaves the chat. In a way, these would the temporary messages that the users will send. The feature was reported by Wabetainfo.

Customizable Wallpapers

Wabetainfo had reported that a new feature is on the works which would let users set different wallpapers for different chats. So when a user sets a new wallpaper, WhatsApp will ask whether the user wants to set the wallpaper for the current chat or for all the chats. Following the same pattern, a user can have different types of wallpapers for different users. If a user selects the wallpaper for all chats, then the wallpaper will be applied to all the chat windows but if the user selects only for this chat option, then the wallpaper will only be applied to the current chat in concern. The feature is currently under development.

Vacation mode

WhatsApp had shelved the idea of developing the vacation mode feature but a few days ago, Wabetainfo reported that WhatsApp has started developing the feature again. The new feature will allow users to mute notifications from archived chats. WhatsApp will give two options to users to deal with their archived chats. The Notify New Messages and Auto Hide inactive chats option. The first option if enabled will let the users know about the messages from the archived chats but if the second option is enabled WhatsApp will hide chats that have been inactive for six months.

Advanced Search Mode

Another feature that WhatsApp could soon get is the advanced mode feature. The feature lets the user search for their files, images, videos and more in the search bar that would be provided once the feature is rolled out.


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