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May 18, 2022
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In a normal setting people, exchange contacts via business cards and manual iniput/typing. With the advancement in the smartphones, Enrich has made it easy for you to fully utilize your smartphone and rest the hustle of saving and sharing contacts.

With EASY SHARE Card, a person scans your card using a Quick Response (QR) Code scanner and automatically asks you to add contact information to your phone. This way you don’t need to carry a bundle of business cards.

Who uses EASY SHARE Card?

Anyone with a smartphone either Android or Apple phones.

How to save contacts using iPhone

  • To scan using an iPhone, open a camera.
  • The contact will be automatically detected and tap on it to Add Contact.
  • If you choose to use a QR scanner app the app detects contact information and asks you to Add Contact

How to save contacts using Android phone

In case your Android phone does not have an inbuilt QR code scanner;

  • Install QR Code Scanner (QR code reader By TWMobile). We recommend this because it’s effective. It scans faster even from a relatively long distance from the phone.
  • The contact information will be detected automatically and you will be prompted/asked to Add contact/Import contact.

Where to get EASY SHARE Card

You can contact ENRICH EMPRESAS via WhatsApp using this link (Click to Chat) and go SMART!

A QR Code Scanner is a must-have in this era for many purposes including verifying documents and products. Install (QR code reader By TWMobile).

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