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How to generate a QR code image?

Getting a QR code is simple and does not need international registration, what you need to know is how you want to use it or what you intent to use it for!
With ENRICH QR Code Generator, you can be able to get one in three steps

  1. Add information to be encoded in a QR such as the link to your website e.g: https://www.enrichempresas.com or a WhatsApp link for SCAN & CHAT with me Click here to generate a link.
  2. Click generate QR button
  3. Click on the generated QR image to save it.

With this generated image, you can use it on your website, banners, business cards, books, bottles and cans, brochures, clothing, displays, flyers, food packaging, magazines and newspapers, tickets, vehicles and many more.

Recommended QR image scanner App: QR Code Reader [1.8MB]

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